Discover If The No Contact Rule Really Works

Click Here To Get Your Ex Back!If you’ve recently been dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s safe to assume that what you’re going through can only be describe as an emotional roller coaster ride. Your natural instinct is to call, text, or email your ex. You’ve heard that how you react to a break up can play a big part on whether or not you can get your ex back and you don’t want to mess it up. If you want to know if the No Contact rule works, keep reading.

How Does the No Contact Rule Work?

Essentially, the no contact rule is self-explanatory. The No Contact rule means that immediately after the break up, you must refrain from contacting your ex. This means all forms of communication, including calling, emailing, messaging, or even smoke signals. Stop all communication with your ex for at least a few weeks to a month. In order to increase your chances of getting your ex back, you must apply the no Contact Rule.

Discover How to Get Your Ex Back With No Contact Rule

Does the No Contact Rule Work and Why Is the No Contact Rule Important?

Think of it this way, your ex broke up with you for their own reasons. The more you try to change their mind, persuade them back into your life, or convince them that what they’re doing is a mistake—the more you push your ex further and further away from you.

Always remember that you have NO CONTROL over anyone’s feelings or emotions and when you keep contacting them, you are practically ignoring what your ex wants. No one likes to be told how to feel or what to do and neither does your ex.

The most frightening thing for someone going through a break up is that their ex will move on with their life without them and it’s only natural for you to want to do everything you can to prevent that from happening.

This is why the No Contact rule is so important. It give your ex a chance to reevaluate their own life without you trying to convince them (which will most likely push them in the other direction). Remember, the No Contact rule works only when you give your ex time and space to figure out if they want you in their life.

What to Do During the No Contact Period?

The No Contact period is not going to be easy for you. Use this time to heal yourself from the break up. Once the No Contact period is up, you will be in a much better state and increase your chances of getting your ex back. Remember, your ex and you used to be madly in love together. The only thing that changed was that the negative emotions from life stresses slowly deteriorated your relationship.

Can you honestly say that you are the person you were when you and your ex first started dating?

Most likely not. Whatever led to your break up– life and it’s harsh realities, slowly weakened your relationship and how you feel about yourself. When you and your ex first started dating, you both WANTED each other then. Now you probably feel like you NEED your ex back. This is why the No Contact rule works and is essential because it helps you shift your mind frame of needing back to wanting.

When you contact your ex, you are giving off a vibe of desperation and that is NOT attractive and will most likely push your ex further away from you.

What you need to do is shift your mind frame to attract your ex back.
The No Contact rule works only when you attract love and don’t demand for it.

In order to attract your ex back to you, you must work on your internal self. This means, focus on improving what ever aspect in your own life you feel is lacking. The No Contact rule works only if you take this time to improve your own life without your ex.

Perhaps you’ve put getting into shape on the back burner. Take this period to get fit. Or maybe you have let certain relationships astray while you and your ex were together, take this time to reconnect with those people. You can also make new friends.

In other words, you need to get out there and LIVE your life. This is how you can slowly heal yourself from the inside out. Once you shift your mind from needing your ex to wanting your ex, you will set off a vibe that will attract your ex back to you! Remember, the No Contact rule works only if you follow it to the “T” and use that time to improve yourself so when the time comes to contact your ex, he or she will instantly remember why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Discover How to Get Your Ex Back With No Contact Rule